Sunday, March 12, 2017

Gorgeous man

I had the date with the sexy dad. Guys, he gets better in person. He is so pretty. He is funny and smart. Did I mention sexy? Because he is. The date started off with meeting over coffee and tea. We showed up at the exact same time. I kid you not, my car pulled in behind his. We stayed there for almost 2 hours talking. We went back to the place I house sit on occasion. The entire drive there I could not believe this was happening to me. I date jerks and not attractive men. I am out of my league here! Plus he is a great kisser. For clarification there was no sex. We hung out, ate junk food, watched movies. It was like I was 16 again. He didn't leave till 3 am. The next day, i.e. today, he came into my work and bought a shirt that Is absolutely hideous just to joke with me. All the girls at work were attracted to him. He is real, there are witnesses.

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