Friday, March 10, 2017

The Meat and Potatos

So to begin, I have had a rocky dating life ever since my first serious boyfriend at 16. I am not going to talk that much about before my ex-husband because let's face it, it is nothing compared to everything after marriage.

So let's begin at the marriage. I was 19 when we met. I was 20 when we got married. I was 22 when we divorced. Why did we part ways you ask? He's a lying dick. Simple enough. A month after our wedding he told me he didn't love me, I found out he was cheating also. Why so long to get divorced? Well, that's because he is an idiot and couldn't figure out how to fill out the paperwork and on top of it refused to sign for a year. He signed and well, I moved on. He has also.

From there I have had guys try to force me to have kids (true story), one tell me I am too fat to date, I even went on a date with my high school art teacher when I was 23. You name the scenario, I have probably lived it and this does include the bad. Full disclosure, I survived two rapes and multiple physical and emotionally abusive relationships. I am not here to talk about those times unless someone thinks it will help them to know the truth and to know they aren't alone.

So this is my back story. I may refer to it in later posts from time to time, fair warning.

As for the other stuff, I am in school to study wildlife. Last year this took me on an amazing adventure to Nevada. This summer it will have me hiking through the White Mountains. I will probably post pictures of the cute fuzzy animals we capture and release. I also work retail. I will have plenty of stories as well from that.

Weight-loss is a constant struggle. I currently go to the school gym and do classes through them. This includes Zumba, a core one, Pilates, and cycling. I will post the struggles from it. I will post about food.

So this should cover a little about everything and get everyone up to speed!

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